Technology-Access for Every Student

St. Joachim is a One to One School

As of 2013, every student at St. Joachim School has a personal tech device. In K-2, students have iPads, in grades 3-7 students are using Chromebooks and in grade 8, students have MacBook Airs. The devices are the portals through which students can access the abundant online resources that the school provides. Most resources are adaptive and allow students to progress at their own pace and learn the skills that they need to be successful. These programs include Dreambox, IXL, Flex Math and various iPad apps for math, IXL Grammar, Smarty Ants and Raz Kids reading for primary grades. In addition the school has online resources such as Achieve3000, a differentiated and adaptive reading program that helps students to grow in their lexile levels, develop critical thinking skills and work towards college and career readiness. In 8th grade 90%-100% (varies slightly year to year) of our 8th grade graduates are reading at College and Career ready levels.

St. Joachim online textbooks for 6-8 include Reading (HMH Collections), Math (Go Math) and 5-8 Science (eScience) grades K-2 (Science4Us) grades 3-4 (Discovery Science). In addition, the math program offers online resources and support for students working at home in all grades. The many resources that we have support student learning and provide instant data and feedback to teachers and parents that allows the school to best meet the individual needs of all students.

St. Joachim Catholic School