Extended Care

Extended Care is a service to parents that offers a safe, nurturing environment for students before and after school. All St. Joachim students are registered in Extended Care through registration fees and therefore can use the program when needed. No prior arrangements are necessary so if parents get stuck or are running late, students will automatically go to Extended Care after pick up is over. Hourly rates will apply.

Director:  Karina Briones
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (510) 783- 5906
Hours: 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Morning Extended Care

Students may be dropped off on the playground after 8:00 AM each day. Because there is no supervision, students arriving before this time must be dropped off at Extended Care unless a parent of adult is waiting with them. Extended Care opens at 7:00 AM.

Afternoon Extended Care

Students may be picked up up to fifteen minutes after dismissal time (3:15 on regular days, 2:15 on Wednesdays and 12:15 on minimum days) After this time, any student not picked up will be brought to Extended Care. The schedule for the afternoon includes snack time followed by homework time. Students are also have the option to play outside, do art, or play with available toys and games. On Wednesdays, students may elect to participate in the Tae Kwon Do Program. There is an additional fee to participate in this activity.

Extended Care Fees

Extended Care is a pre-paid service and hours must be purchased before students attend. Each student will have a card which will be credited with the hours purchased. Each day, the cards will be scanned when the students are checked in and checked out and the appropriate amount will be deducted from the balance on the card.  If you will be using Extended Care every day, you may consider purchasing an unlimited monthly pass.

Extended Care Rate: $6.00 per hour

Full Time/Flat Fee

Full time rates are available. This allows for unlimited use for the entire year. The unlimited rate is $425 per month per child. These fees are based on 160 full school days and 20 minimum days and are pro-rated over 10 months. Unlimited monthly fees are payable on the first school day of every month, September through June. (December and June are full payment months)

Late Fees

Students must be picked up NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM.  Late charges will be assessed if students are picked up late. Late charges begin at 6:01, however, if the student is picked up by 6:05, no fees will be charges.  If you arrive past 6:05, a late charge of $3.00 per minute will be charged starting at 6:01.  For example, if  you arrive at 6:10, the late charge is $30.00 ($3 per minute x 10 minutes). Late charges are due at time the student is picked up.

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