Student Support


A part-time counselor, Miss Katey Woods, MFT, is on staff three days a week at St. Joachim School. Her primary role is to give support to students and to help families and teachers secure the resources needed to help students be successful in school. The counselor offers temporary individual counseling for students and is helpful in referring families out for extra support/counseling as needed.

SST Process

The counselor also coordinates the Student Success Team (SST) process. If a child has been identified as having special needs, (behaviorally, socially, academically, or emotionally) a student success team (SST) is formed. The team consists of the counselor, the teacher, the principal, and the parents; they’ll meet several times throughout the year to discuss progress and/or continued concerns about the child. When action plans are developed, copies of strategies and duties are distributed among the members of the team so that each member has a shared responsibility in the child’s success. In this way, shared accountability for student learning is assured.

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