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Student Learning Expectations

Faith-Filled People

1.1 understand and demonstrate stewardship in church, school, and community
1.2 are knowledgeable of scripture and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church
1.3 show knowledge of ritual through active liturgical participation

Life-Long Learners

2.1 demonstrate effort and growth toward academic goals
2.2 take responsibility for their own learning
2.3 work collaboratively with others

Effective Communicators

3.1 listen actively and communicate ideas clearly
write thoughts in a clear and organized manner
speak publicly with confidence and clarity

Responsible Citizens

4.1 demonstrate self-discipline and accountability for personal actions
exhibit respect for self, others and things
practice stewardship of God’s Creation

Self-Aware Individuals

5.1 are physically active and knowledgeable of good health habits
are able to recognize strengths and weaknesses and express their individuality
recognize individual gifts and talents and share them in service to others